Timothy 2 Mentoring


To become a more passionate ‘all – in’ Christ follower, a secure son, a better husband, a stronger brother, wiser father & empowered disciple maker.

A man needs other men – especially older men – to bless him, to honour him, to encourage him, to point out his mistakes and to raise his status.

Douglas Gillette

The Game Plan

Listening / sharing perspectives on specific topics that will grow us as men in an open, encouraging environment. Being real, welcoming feedback, learning from each other & building accountability as brothers in arms.

We are committed to:

  • Meeting together fortnightly for 2 hours online
  • Reading material/ scripture to discuss together
  • Memorising Scripture
  • Connecting one-to-one monthly to build at a deeper level
  • Growing as husbands and fathers through assignments and accountability

Each person will share their faith story as we journey together. 

Mentor(s) will be transparent, committed, and available; trusting God to lead as they share the wisdom they’ve gained through the years of walking with the Lord.  Some of the most valuable insights shared will come from their mistakes; so hopefully, you can avoid the same mistakes they’ve made along the way.

  • Church Announcement

    Sunday Gatherings Update (28/03/2021)

    From Sunday 28th March 2021, in line with the government announcement we will be meeting in person again! The livestream will keep going to accommodate those at home.

    If you want to attend please do not forget to book your seat.

    Advancing Together in Jesus!
    God bless you
    3Ci Leadership Team

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