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1Sunday Message02 Jan 2011Malcolm IslesThe Greatest Gift of All
2Fruit of the Spirit - Faithfulness (Part2)09 Jan 2011Malcolm IslesFaithfulness 2
4Fruit of the Spirit - Kindnress23 Jan 2011Malcolm IslesA house of kindness
5Getting dressed for success30 Jan 2011Wayne CarrGetting dressed for success
6The Church of Jesus Christ06 Feb 2011Shaun van der Westhuizen1 - The importance of church
7The Church of Jesus Christ13 Feb 2011Malcolm Isles2 - A Called Community
8Sunday Message20 Feb 2011LaVere SoperCo-operating with God
9The Church of Jesus Christ27 Feb 2011Malcolm Isles3 - A serving / ministering community
10The Church of Jesus Christ6 March 2011Malcolm Isles4 - A united, many membered body (1Cor 12)
11The Church of Jesus Christ13 Mar 2011Malcolm Isles5 - A transforming community (Rom 12)
12Sunday Message20 Mar 2011Sean DooleyOvercomming depression
15Sunday Message10 Apr 2011Shaun van der WesthuizenThe Old, the New and the Holy
16Breaking Bread17 Apr 2011Reg TaylorNo one feeble
16The Church of Jesus Christ17 Apr 2011Malcolm Isles6 - The Fullness of His Church
17Sunday Message24 Apr 2011LaVere SoperThe Resurection of Christ
18The Church of Jesus Christ01 May 2011Malcolm Isles7 - A People Living in the Fullness of Christ
19The Church of Jesus Christ08 May 2011Malcolm Isles8 - Church: Bride Radiating His Glory
27Sunday Message03 Jul 2011Shaun van der WesthuizenArmor of God - Part 1
29Sunday Message17 Jul 2011Malcolm IslesDefeating the Giants
31Sunday Message31 Jul 2011Malcolm IslesThe Uniqueness of Jesus
32Sunday Message7 Aug 2011Malcolm IslesRaising the Standard of His Name in our City
33Sunday Message14 Aug 2011Bernard YeowartLiving as sons and daughters of God
34Sunday Message21 Aug 2011Malcolm IslesLiving the Dream - Part 1
35Sunday Message28 Aug 2011Malcolm IslesLiving the Dream - Part 2
36Sunday Message04 Sep 2011Malcolm IslesLiving the Dream - Part 3
37Sunday Message11 Sep 2011Malcolm IslesLiving the Dream - Part 4
38Sunday Message18 Sep 2011Malcolm IslesBuilding Family through Life Groups
42Sunday Message16 Oct 2011Malcolm IslesLiving in Financial Freedom
45Sunday Message13 Nov 2011Malcolm IslesThe Grace of Giving


01Kingdom Culture03 Jan 2010La Vere SoperThe Order Of The Kingdom
02Kingdom Culture10 Jan 2010La Vere SoperKingdom of God vs Kingdom of Satan
03Sunday Message17 Jan 2010Roy DouglasChrist Has Chosen Us
04Holy Spirit24 Jan 2010Malcolm IslesMoving with the Holy Spirit (Part 1)
05Holy Spirit31 Jan 2010Malcolm IslesMoving with the Holy Spirit (Part 2)
06Holy Spirit07 Feb 2010Malcolm IslesGrowing in Friendship with the Holy Spirit
07Baptism14 Feb 2010Multiple SpeakersWater Baptism and Testimonies from Grant, Noma and Leroy
08Holy Spirit21 Feb 2010Malcolm IslesGospel Mission in Partnership with the Holy Spirit
09Holy Spirit28 Feb 2010Malcolm IslesSpirit Empowered Mission (Part 1)
10Holy Spirit07 Mar 2010Malcolm IslesSpirit Empowered Mission (Part 2)
11The Prodigal Son14 Mar 2010Malcolm IslesLuke 15 - The Compassion of God
12The Prodigal Son21 Mar 2010Malcolm IslesLuke 15 - Coming Home to the Father
13The Prodigal Son28 Mar 2010Gareth KirkLuke 15 - The Father Heart of God
14The Prodigal Son04 Apr 2010Malcolm IslesLuke 15 - Four Aspects of Salvation
15Sunday Message11 Apr 2010Lynne IslesThe Church
16The Glorious Gospel18 Apr 2010Malcolm IslesThe Gospel is Massive like God!
17The Glorious Gospel25 Apr 2010Malcolm IslesThe Big Story & the Big Person
18Sunday Message02 May 2010La Vere SoperFaith
19The Glorious Gospel09 May 2010Malcolm IslesThe Glorious Gospel
(Part 3)
20Apostolic13 May 2010Ray OliverLessons Learned During Ministry Life
20The Glorious Gospel16 May 2010Malcolm IslesThe Glorious Gospel
(Part 4)
21The Glorious Gospel16 May 2010Malcolm IslesResponding full-on to the Gospel Message
22Sunday Message30 May 2010Nigel Day-LewisUseful to the Master
23Sunday Message06 June 2010Malcolm IslesThe Good News of God's Justice and Mercy
24Sunday Message13 June 2010Malcolm IslesThe Power of Forgiveness
27Sunday Message04 July 2010Malcolm IslesLiving in God's Abounding Grace
28Sunday Message11 July 2010Malcolm IslesGod's Unbeatable Grace
29Sunday Message18 July 2010Malcolm IslesThe Pathway to Freedom in Christ
32Sunday Message08 Aug 2010La Vere SoperSophisticated Captivity
33Sunday Message15 Aug 2010Malcolm IslesOvercoming in Life by Walking in the Spirit
34God's Healing Community22 Aug 2010Malcolm IslesPart 1
35God's Healing Community29 Aug 2010Malcolm IslesPart 2
36God's Healing Community05 Sep 2010Malcolm IslesPart 3
37Sunday Message12 Sep 2010Steve from DaltonFriendship and Love
38God's Love19 Sep 2010Malcolm IslesGod's Love
39Love of Christ26 Sep 2010Malcolm IslesLove of Christ
41Fruit of the Spirit - Joy10 Oct 2010Shawn van der WesthuizenFruits of the Spirit - Joy
42Fruit of the Spirit - Peace17 Oct 2010Malcolm IslesFruits of the Spirit - Peace
43The Agape of God24 Oct 2010Martin BerndtThe Agape of God
44Fire of God31 Oct 2010Hilton MckinleyFire of God
45Promises Of God07 Nov 2010Malcolm IslesPromises Of God
47Fruit of the Spirit - Patience21 Nov 2010Malcolm IslesPatiently Enduring
49Fruit of the Spirit - Faithfulness (Part 1)05 Dec 2010Malcolm IslesFaithfulness 1


6Sunday Message08 Feb 2009LaVere SoperHealing and Evangelism
10Sunday Message08 Mar 2009Young AdultsThe Gospel Mission
11Sunday Message15 Mar 2009Malcolm IslesGrowing the Church - Acts Style
12Apostolic22 Mar 2009Ryan MatthewsTheology of Position
13Sunday Message29 Mar 2009Jenny IslesLocks of the Heart
14Fear of the Lord05 Apr 2009Malcolm IslesFear of the Lord
15Apostolic12 Apr 2009Hilton MckinleyThe Promises of God
16Sunday Message19 Apr 2009Lynne Isles & Roy DouglasMinistering from London LTT
17Fear of the Lord26 Apr 2009Malcolm IslesWalking in the fear of the Lord
18Fear of the Lord03 May 2009Malcolm IslesAspects that come with fearing the Lord
20Sunday Message17 May 2009Roy DouglasUsing the Tools Given to You
22Apostolic31 May 2009Ray OliverPromises of God
23Sunday Message07 Jun 2009Malcolm IslesUnderstanding God's purpose and descovering your call
24Sunday Message05 Jun 2009Malcolm IslesChanging the climage in your city 2
24Sunday Message14 Jun 2009Malcolm IslesChanging the spiritual climate of our city for good
28Sunday Message12 Jul 2009Roy DouglasBuilding the Kingdom with the Future in Mind
29Kingdom Culture19 Jul 2009LaVere SoperThe Kingdom of God
30Kingdom Culture26 Jul 2009Malcolm IslesReleasing the Kingdom to the Multitudes (Part 1)
31Kingdom Culture02 Aug 2009Malcolm IslesReleasing the Kingdom to the Multitudes (Part 2)
32Kingdom Culture09 Aug 2009Malcolm IslesCompassion for the Multitudes
33Prayer and Fasting16 Aug 2009Malcolm IslesPrayer and Fasting
34Apostolic23 Aug 2009Gert DolkFinishing the race well
36Simplicity of Life06 Sep 2009Malcolm IslesSimplicity of Life (Part 1)
39Apostolic27 Sep 2009Andy CrebaTaking the Gap
41Hope11 Oct 2009Malcolm IslesA Certain Hope in Uncertian Times
42Kingdom Culture18 Oct 2009Malcolm IslesKingdom Growth
42Breaking of Bread18 Oct 2009Malcolm IslesThe Blood and Body of Christ
43Kingdom Culture25 Oct 2009Malcolm IslesKingdom Authority (Part 1)
44Apostolic01 Nov 2009Gert Jan v GerestevnWhy Church?
45Kingdom Culture08 Nov 2009Malcolm IslesKingdom Authority (Part 2)
51Sunday Message20 Dec 2009Malcolm IslesThe Gift of Heavenly Revelation